Flat Kiseru Pipe with Silver Crest Accents


A "Kozuka" style Japanese tobacco pipe (kiseru), completely flat on one side and rounded on the other. The round side of the kiseru has been adorned with two silver crests. A third crest has been lost to time.

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Close up view of the kiseru's gankubi (tobacco bowl)

close up view of tobacco bowl (gankubi) on a kozuka shaped kiseru pipe

Many kiseru exhibit "tap" marks as shown below, due to the tobacco bowl being constantly emptied

kiseru pipe showing taps marks from years of use

View of the back, flat side of the kiseru

back, flat side, of a kozuka shaped kiseru pipe

Kiseru pipe with ruler for size reference

Japanese tobacco pipe (kiseru) with ruler showing scale

Close up view of the kiseru highlighting the silver crests

close up view of kiseru pipe showing two silver crests and a missing thrid crest

Close up of the mouthpiece, showing the construction seam

Close up of kiseru pipe mouthpiece showing the bronze construction seam

From this view you can clearly see that one side of the kiseru is flat while the other is rounded

view illustraiting the flat and round shape of this style kiseru pipe