Antique Kogatana Kozuka Blade


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A steel kogatana, dating to the Edo period. Kogatana is the Japanese term for the blade that was inserted into a kozuka and together they formed a samurai's utility knife that was often carried along with the katana and wakizashi.

The blade has rusted to some extent, but this is common for kogatana of this age. The edge is still somewhat sharp.

kogatana kozuka blade

Kogatana (kozuka blade) Measurements

kogatana kozuka blade kogatana kozuka blade a kogatana, blade for a kozuka

Close Up View of the Kogatana Spine

the spine of a kogatana blade a kogatana, blade for a kozuka the flat side of a kozuka blade

Close Up of Kogatana Tang

the tang portion of a kogatana blade

Kogatana with Ruler for Size Reference

a kogatana with ruler measuring the length of the blade