"Ryûundô zo" Signed Yatate


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Yatate are not often signed, but occasionally you do come across a gem such as this one. This hishaku-gata style yatate is signed by the famous yatate maker "Ryûundô" (mentioned in Daruma #3 and #43 yatate articles). It's done in a dark, well patinated seido or sentoku alloy (variants on bronze) with a small silver accent nodule used as a lid handle.

This yatate is of high quality construction and of considerable weight due to the fact that both the lid and the upper portion of the sumitsubo (ink basin) are considerably thicker than average. The hinge is also thick and well aligned. The sumitsubo lid fits perfectly into the recessed area.

sumitsubo on signed yatate

Signed Yatate Measurements

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Ryûundô signed yatate Ryûundô signature on Japanese yatate thick hinge on signed yatate silver knob on yatate lid ink basin for Japanese yatate bottom of signed yatate back side of signed yatate diagonal view of Japanese yatate end cap of signed yatate an antique Japanese signed yatate yatate signature Ryûundô open sumitsubo on signed yatate brush and knife holes in Japanese yatate