Bronze Japanese Yatate


This yatate has been sold. See the TOKOHAN catalog for currently available yatate.

A nice, simple antique yatate, relatively heavy for it's size. Estimated to be from the Meji period. Someone has scratched two Japanese kanji characters (perhaps the previous owner's initials) onto the bottom of the sumi ink basin.

Antique yatate

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Copper Alloy Yatate

Japanese yatate

Bronze yatate patinated to a shiny luster

yatate ink basin lid hinge on Japanese yatate yatate with open ink basin side of ink basin on antique yatate bottom of ink basin on Japanese yatate

Someone saw fit to scratch their initials (in kanji) on the bottom of this yatate

Japanese kanji initials carved on yatate ink basin open on ink basin on antique yatate antique yatate stem end bottom of Japanese yatate