Japanese Yatate with Ruler


This yatate has been sold. See the TOKOHAN catalog for currently available yatate.

antique yatate with ruler

Yatate with "extras" (Swiss Army Yatate, as we call them) are some of our favorite finds. This yatate doubles as a ruler with a brass plate engraved with measured tick marks sitting atop the yatate handle.

These "ruler yatate" were often used by carpenters or other craftsmen who required the occasional use of a measuring device in their daily work. This particular yatate is identical in style to one on the front cover of Daruma Magazine #43.

close up of antique yatate with ruler

Open view of the sumitsubo (ink basin)

yatate with open ink basin

Ruler Style Yatate Measurements

yatate sumitsubo side Japanese carpenter's yatate Japanese yatate doubling as a ruler yatate and antique Japanese ruler Japanese brush and ink case (yatate)

View of hinge on sumitsubo

Japanese yatate sumtsubo hinge

Close up of loop under yatate handle

bottom of ink basin on antique Japanese yatate antique Japanese yatate with engraved ruler back side of Japanese yatate stem end of antique yatate carpenter's yatate with ruler