Opposite Opening Samurai Style Yatate


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samurai style yatate

A unique yatate due to the fact the it opens to the opposite side from standard yatate. In old Japan people would place the yatate in their obi (belt) on the left side. Since samurai always wore their swords on the left side of their obi, they would place their yatate on the right side.

It is said that right opening hishaku-gata style yatate such as this one, were made especially for samurai so that they could place them on the right side, opposite their swords, and still be able to open them without removing the yatate from their obi.

There is some question as to the validity of this belief however, as it would seem to be difficult to actually utilize a yatate without removing it from one's obi (no matter the opening side).

Silver butt cap on yatate handle

silver end cap on Japanese yatate

This yatate is made from seido or sentoku (Japanese variants of bronze) and has a silver end cap on the fude tube.

samurai yatate

Samurai Yatate Measurements

Sumitsubo lid of Japanese yatate opposite opening yatate Japanese yatate sumitsubo a Japanese yatate yatate ink basin (sumitsubo) bottom side of yatate samurai yatate with open lid Japanese yatate with open ink basin

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Tight fitting sumitsubo lid

other side yatate bottom of yatate sumitsubo