Yatate with Compass Basin


This yatate has been sold. See the TOKOHAN catalog for currently available yatate.

An unusual yatate with an additional compartment atop the ink basin that originally contained a directional compass. There is a silver ring, engraved with twelve kanji, encircling the compass area. The compass cap is adorned with a silver accent bar.

Apparently, the upper portion of the yatate handle had an additional component at some point in the past, as you can see where the solder was originally applied.

dual ink basin Japanese yatate

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Compass Yatate Measurements

dual hinges on antique yatate

Kanji symbols, engraved in silver, wrap around the compass area

silver zodiac pattern on Japanese yatate

This small opening originally contained a compass

open small ink basin on Japanese yatate

Sumitsubo (ink basin) in the open position

open large ink basin on antique yatate mottled pattern on side of yatate sumitsubo antique yatate with dual ink basins antique yatate with silver zodiac kanji dual sumitsubo ink basins on yatate

Bottom view of the yatate ink basin

sumitsubo bottom on Japanese yatate

A component, originally attached to the upper part of the yatate is missing

missing top piece of antique Japanese yatate with silver solder side view of antique Japanese yatate antique yatate stem end